Forest yoga walk in nature (2 hrs)

Forest yoga walk in nature (2 hrs)

Duration: 2 hours / Difficulty: Easy

There is always a good time to be in nature and a forest yoga walk is done every day of the week in new landscapes. Walking distance 2-6km and time 2-3h depending on the day.

A forest yoga walk is a combination of yoga and various relaxation, breathing and meditation exercises, It is a relaxing trip to the middle of nature, to the shade of trees, to the side of a rock, to the top of the fell. Asanas and exercises balance the body and mind. During the trip, we will also practice nature immersion and forest breathing techniques that take us even deeper into the world of the forest. Forest yoga does not require previous yoga experience, but is suitable for anyone who wants to experience nature in a new way.

Monday at 10: Forest Yoga in Oulanka. Roaring rapids and rippling streams flow beside us throughout the excursion. Duration 3h, distance 4km. Meeting place: Retki-Etappi, the starting point of the Little Bear Tour at the end of Juumantie.

Tuesday at 18 (6pm) : Evening yoga at Konttainen. From a flat peak, on top of a sudden steep wall, the whole northern landscape opens up to Salla, Russia and Finland. Great place especially in the evening sun. Meeting place: Konttainen car park.

Wednesday at 10: Pyhävaara forest yoga.  We follow Pyhän Jyssäys hiking trail and sometimes head deeper into the forest or rock. Duration 3h, distance 6km. Meeting place: Plantingintie parking lot.

Thursday at 10: Reindeer forest yoga at Kujala reindeer farm. Meeting place: Kujala Reindeer Farm

Friday at 10: Juhannuskallio morning yoga. Sun salutations at the top of Ruka in the middle of the old pine trees. Meeting place: in front of Ruka Peak.

Saturday at 18 (6pm): Valtavaara evening yoga. In evening yoga, yoga leans on a pine tree and enjoys the open sky. Meeting place: Konttainen car park

Sunday at 10: Konttainen morning yoga. Meeting place: Konttainen car park.

You need a flexible, weather-appropriate outdoor outfit, and gloves in cooler weather. Also bring some seat cover to sit on (plastic bag also works).

Booking and payment: Online registration closes 12 hours before departure. After that ask for departures +358 50 560 6633. The minimum number of participants for the trip is 2 forest yogis. If there are not enough participants 12 hours before the departure of the trip, we will notify the cancellation and refund the payment. By paying in advance at the time of booking, you will receive a 10% discount with the code KUUKKELI. Payment is made on site by card.

Meeting place: See here the meeting places: map.

The group size is 2-12 people so we can keep a safe distance from each other. Please note, however, that we move around on public hiking trails that are also used by other nature walkers.

The experience is provided by MyTrail, +358 50 5606 633/ More excursions and forest yoga trails can be found here:

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