Forest yoga in Riisitunturi National Park

Forest yoga in Riisitunturi National Park

Duration: 5 hours / Difficulty: Easy

Combine yoga and nice hike in the most beautiful nature scenery. Our trail to the peak goes through an old forest which has a lot of stories and history; on the way we also get to know the arctic nature, its plants and animals. We walk about 5 km on the path and in the forest.

Always when it feels like it, we put our backpacks down, enjoy the view and few moments of forest yoga. Gentle, peaceful, body-stretching yoga poses combined to the benefits of nature. What could be better! We do poses mainly by standing up and use trees and rocks as support. Forest yoga suits for everybody and no previous experience is needed. At the top the silent view continues for as long as you can see and there we just sit still, do a short breathing exercise and enjoy the nature. 

After that we continue to the fireplace. With good luck the Siberian Jays may come and greet us when we make nettle pancakes and enjoy wild berry juice by the campfire. 

Duration: 5-6 hours, lenght 5 km.

Group size: 1- 8. Activity will be normally arranged when minimum 2 adults are attending. But of course MyTrail has options for private/customized departures and solo travelers. Solo price is slightly higher, but if more adventurers book the same departure, solo gets refund and the price drops. So this is very good reason to find new friends and go together. 

This experience is provided by MyTrail. Book online or get in touch with us: +358 50 5606 633 All my trails: 

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