Nature Being - forest therapy walk

Nature Being - forest therapy walk

Duration: 3 hours / Difficulty: Easy

Forest Folks' Trail takes you into our forests world. Walk on moss bare feet, taste the plants, drink free water, breathe the healing air of pine forests, feel the soil, sit on a tree trunk and listen to the silence which is not that quiet - it is filled with the sounds of nature.  

We'll walk through Nature Reserve areas and enjoy the views. When it feels like it, we put our backpacks down and have a moment of forest yoga. Gentle, peaceful, body-stretching yoga poses, breathing exercise combined to the benefits of  nature - what could be better. Forest yoga suits for everybody and no previous experience is needed. We get even deeper connection with the forest with Treebreathing®, which combines the features of conscious breathing, healing powers of nature and Finnish Folk Healing tradition. We also practice chi kung, meditation and mindfullness techniques. If you get thirsty, I have wild berry juice in my backpack, made from berries around here.

Group size: 1- 8. Ask also private and customized departures for groups. 

This experience is provided by MyTrail +358 505606633 

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